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The Violet Flame: A Journey into Spiritual Transformation and Healing

The Violet Flame is a distinctive form of spiritual energy, closely associated with divine transformation, healing, and liberation. This unique vibrational frequency is believed to have profound implications for personal and spiritual growth and can serve as an indispensable tool for anyone on the path of spiritual awakening. This exploration will delve into the history of the Violet Flame, its affiliation with Ascended Master Saint Germain, its role in the Universal Consciousness, and its employment in the healing work of renowned Brazilian spiritual healer Joao de Deus (John of God) (1).

The Historical References to the Violet Flame

Historically, the Violet Flame has been a subject of spiritual tradition and mystical folklore. In the Hindu tradition, the Violet Flame is believed to be the seventh ray, the ray of freedom, transmutation, and transformation, which relates to the seventh or crown chakra (2). In ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology, the Violet Flame was associated with spiritual alchemy, the process of spiritual refinement and transformation. Theosophical literature also makes reference to the Violet Flame, describing it as an instrument for the transmutation of base human qualities into higher spiritual attributes (3).

Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

In the Western spiritual tradition, the Violet Flame is particularly associated with Ascended Master Saint Germain. As an Ascended Master, Saint Germain is believed to be an enlightened being who has risen above the cycle of reincarnation, choosing instead to assist humanity in achieving a similar state of spiritual awakening (4).

In esoteric circles, Saint Germain is associated with the seventh ray of the Violet Flame, which signifies transformation and transmutation. He is often referred to as the Lord of the Seventh Ray, and his teachings emphasize the power of the Violet Flame to dissolve negative karma and accelerate spiritual growth (5).

The Violet Flame and Universal Consciousness

The Violet Flame is believed to play a critical role in the Universal Consciousness – the interconnected web of consciousness that encompasses all life in the universe. This notion posits that by invoking the Violet Flame, one can transmute negative energies, not just for oneself, but for the collective consciousness (6).

In this context, the Violet Flame can be perceived as a spiritual tool for individual and collective transformation. By invoking the Violet Flame, practitioners believe they are contributing to the overall upliftment and evolution of consciousness on a global scale (7).

Joao de Deus and the Healing Power of the Violet Flame

Joao de Deus, also known as John of God, was a renowned Brazilian spiritual healer who reportedly channeled the energies of various entities, including Saint Germain, to perform miraculous healings. Joao de Deus often spoke of the Violet Flame in his healing work, asserting that it represented divine energy capable of transmuting illness and disharmony into wellness and balance (8).

Many individuals who experienced healing with Joao de Deus reported seeing or feeling the presence of a Violet Flame during their sessions. These accounts suggest that the Violet Flame played a significant role in the healing process, acting as a transformative force to dissolve illness and restore harmony (9).

Personal and Spiritual Growth with the Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is regarded as a potent tool for personal and spiritual growth. By invoking the Violet Flame in meditation or prayer, practitioners believe they can accelerate their spiritual evolution, transmute negative karma, and manifest greater harmony in their lives.

Many spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of visualizing the Violet Flame in meditation and affirmations. As a tool for self-improvement, the Violet Flame can help clear psychological and emotional blocks, transform negative patterns, and enhance spiritual connectivity (10).

The power of the Violet Flame can serve as a beacon of hope and transformation in a world often fraught with challenges. For those seeking spiritual growth or healing, the Violet Flame may indeed offer a path towards liberation and enlightenment.


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Twenty Positive Affirmations for Those Wishing to Work with Violet Flame Energies

  1. “I am open to the transformative energy of the Violet Flame.”
  2. “I am surrounded by the healing power of the Violet Flame.”
  3. “I am filled with the loving energy of the Violet Flame.”
  4. “I trust in the Violet Flame to guide my healing journey.”
  5. “I am capable of channeling the Violet Flame to promote health and well-being.”
  6. “I allow the Violet Flame to transmute any negativity or illness in my body.”
  7. “I am a conduit for the healing power of the Violet Flame.”
  8. “I use the Violet Flame to clear and balance my chakras.”
  9. “I am continuously protected by the Violet Flame’s purifying energy.”
  10. “I surrender my fears and doubts to the transformative power of the Violet Flame.”
  11. “I invite the Violet Flame to cleanse and heal my body, mind, and spirit.”
  12. “I use the Violet Flame to create a positive change in my life and the lives of others.”
  13. “I trust in the wisdom of the Violet Flame to guide my path to healing.”
  14. “I call upon the Violet Flame to release any barriers blocking my spiritual growth.”
  15. “I am an effective healer, using the power of the Violet Flame to support my clients.”
  16. “I am grateful for the Violet Flame’s presence in my life and healing practice.”
  17. “I use the Violet Flame to transmute any lower vibrations into love and light.”
  18. “I hold the intention of the Violet Flame to promote harmony and balance in my life.”
  19. “I am one with the Violet Flame, fully embracing its power to inspire change.”
  20. “I am aligned with the energy of the Violet Flame, fostering transformation in myself and others.”

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