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I am a Lightworker. I Serve Humanity with Love. I Make a Positive Difference Every Single Day

In the current socio-economic climate, characterized by polarized communities and chronic injustices, the role of an individual as a lightworker becomes critical. Lightworkers, as their name suggests, illuminate the world by spreading positivity, love, and enlightenment. They are individuals driven by an inherent purpose to serve humanity, embodying the affirmation, “I am a lightworker. I serve humanity with love. I make a positive difference every single day”. This article explores the concept of a lightworker, the value of love in service to humanity, and how they make a positive impact daily.

Understanding the Concept of a Lightworker

The concept of a lightworker originates from the New Age philosophy, which emphasizes spiritual or enlightenment-based approaches to life’s complexities (Taylor, 2011). These individuals are believed to have volunteered to heal the world, infusing their surroundings with positive energy and love (Virtue, 2006). They strive to enlighten others, fostering peace and harmony, even in challenging times. Notably, this role doesn’t depend on professional or social standing but rather on the personal commitment to a life of service and love.

Love as a Core Element of Service

To comprehend the role of love in a lightworker’s service, it is vital to appreciate the many facets of love. As highlighted by scholar Leo Buscaglia, love can be seen as the urge to nurture one’s own or another’s spiritual growth (Buscaglia, 1984). By this definition, a lightworker’s love is a transformative force, promoting personal growth and collective well-being. In service to humanity, this love manifests in empathy, compassion, understanding, and respect for the dignity of every human being (Post, 2011).

Making a Positive Difference Every Day

By adopting a service-based approach rooted in love, lightworkers contribute positively to their communities daily. Their impact is often subtle, found in small acts of kindness, patience, encouragement, and advocacy for social justice. Such actions resonate with the “helper’s high”, a state of euphoria reported by individuals engaged in acts of giving, backed by studies indicating that altruism leads to improved physical and mental health (Luks, 1991). As such, lightworkers do not just uplift others; they also reap significant personal benefits.


The affirmation, “I am a lightworker, serving humanity with love. I make a positive difference every single day,” encapsulates an aspirational mindset that can inspire us all. It conveys the importance of spreading love, serving humanity selflessly, and recognizing the profound impact of everyday actions. By embodying these principles, each individual can tap into the lightworker within, enhancing personal well-being and contributing to a more compassionate and harmonious world.


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